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  1. my daughter opened a restaurent too, my son became her best customer. same thing happened like this->
    mary- here mr john. your chips and soup.
    john, thank you! bill please
    me- john, you are buying so much! stop it, you do realize i’m the one who pays
    mary- here’s your bill, mam. he ordered deluxe chocolate strawberry soft cookies, chips and soup, and a hot dog. 1000$ please
    – 1000 dollars! john cut it out! i dont have that much money
    mary- pay up,
    me- (hands our 950$)
    mary- this is only 950$! 50$ mam, or it’s curtains!
    i took curtains, and found myself in a make-belive jail for the whole day! next morning, i aske my husband for 50$

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