Can you touch your eye?

My daughter FREAKS OUT at the mention of touching an eyeball. Meanwhile, I wear contacts, so I have no problem with it at all (the right panel is based on me). What about you? Can you touch your eye?

(And yes, I did dig a contact out from behind my eye one time. It was so satisfying. But the news almost killed Kate.)


  1. My family is the camp of cannot-touch-eyes/no-contacts, which is why I am convinced that my brother is a changeling because he wears contacts. I can totally related to your daughter Kate’s reaction to your finding contacts.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. I alternate between the two. Tips: Generally, be careful, and only put your finger in your eye, nothing else. Never touch anybody else’s eyes unless you are a certified doctor or optician or applying eye drops.

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