1. It means you’d better buy your kids some candy or else be stuck with disappointed kids all through November!

  2. Hee hee… The only reason I know it’s October is because my 11-year old wants to do mini-Christmas again. Where he gets a GIFT instead of getting to go trick or treating. I tried this last year because I was rethinking the whole begging for sugary junk from strangers thing. It sort of meandered from I’ll trade your candy for some cash to you can buy anything you want from Toys R Us. So it was easy to know that it’s October because my son very quickly came to confirm that we were doing the same thing this year…

  3. even though they are in middle school, my 2 kids, John and Anna love Halloween and insist on a new costume each year! it’s such a costume stress i cant even be bothered to steal their Halloween candy, but I guess that’s a good thing, when they were 1st graders, when i even looked at their pillowcases, Mary would jump, tackle and hit me, tie my feet together and wrap a net on my face, push me on a wagon to John’s bedroom where he said i was guilty and made me pay 1o dollars to them each and spend a week away from TV and coffee! they did it 5 times, i dont make that mistake anymore. despite their age, they’re as hyper as calvin from calvin and hobbes

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