1. In college I woke up late, dressed in a tearing rush, and broke speed limits to get to church on time to sing in the choir. I didn’t notice until I was halfway from my car to the choir room that I was wearing one black flat and one black heel. I picked the longest robe and walked on one heel and one tiptoe down the aisle. Thankfully no one noticed.

  2. I was walking down the street a few weeks after moving to a new town. The side walk had this kind of permanent wet spot with some algee growing. What ever, doesn’t look deep I’ll just walk through it. SLIP SPLAT fell flat on my back. Get up, and IMMEDEATLY fell again. And again. And again. It seriously took me like 5 minutes of get to safety. I was totally covered in green gross water. Some 10 year old boys watching from across the street don’t know if they should help or laugh. I pretended all was cool and walked around the block so they wouldn’t see me go right back home to change.

  3. one time i came with my parents to drop my sister of at ballet class. mom got a phone call, but she grabbed it fast and it fell to the floor breaking into 80 pieces.
    she was upset but we kept walking than dad hit a pole, and kept hitting poles 8 more times! we had to use dad’s cell phone to call a doctor because he wasn’t moving.
    in the hospital the doctor asked mom if she had a big cut on her face. that’s when we found out mom had popped a pimple and stuck a bit of wool on it. that day made me SOOOOOOOOO ashamed!!!!!! to top it of, once we were at my sister’s ballet class, it was all over! how, her class last 2 hours, this happened in 1 and a half!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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