1. My husband and I have a list like this. After so many times of me making comments about things he does that annoy me/are stupid/could potentially cause serious harm to our child (like leaving a knife out on the kitchen counter, every time he uses one!! Thank Heaven our child has never got ahold of one), he came up with this idea to say “We make a great team” sweetly, yet laced with sarcasm.

    Me- “Someone left a knife out on the counter again..” *puts knife in sink*
    Husband- “We make a great team.”
    Another Example:
    Me- “Someone left the kitchen cabinet door open because they’ve never learned how to close one..” *shuts cabinet door loudly*
    Husband- “We make a great team.”

    At first, this was rather comical for both of us. However, it really backfired on him when I took it upon myself to say “We make a great team!” every time he commented on something I didn’t do correctly/didn’t do at all (like always forgetting laundry in the washer. I can start the washer, but then go off to do other chores and completely forget I ever started a load of wash). I thought it was hilarious, but he quickly started to think it was not so funny and then not funny at all. I still think it’s hilarious to say sometimes though, and I still do, because I deserve a little self-made laughter in my day.

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