A Thank You to Teachers

I updated this cartoon to make it more general (“young kids vs. older kids”) and I added a message at the top to thank teachers. This is the full-size version here. Feel free to save this image or screenshot it and use it to thank teachers in your life!

The first version is for an individual teacher, the second version is for a group of teachers.




  1. The older kids one is so me. everyone in my class (including me) has their cameras off, except for the teacher.

  2. You nailed it! My husband works with middle schoolers and my son is a 4th grader. For the many months they were both on Zoom from separate rooms and I was working from home seated between them, this is exactly what some days were like. You are truly talented! Thank you!!

  3. This is a very appropriate diagram for the current situation of distance learning.

    I would like to ask if I can quote your diagram in my article to represent the current situation of learning under the epidemic in Asia.

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