1. This is amazing!! As a book lover myself, I can totally relate to all of these (and am so happy that they have a special day just for people like me!) The first three panels are SO me—at last count, I had over 100 books on my To-Be-Read list. OVER ONE HUNDRED. Sigh!

    I totally do panel 6 too, especially with classics! When I read “The Great Gatsby” for school last year, I actually read it with a sheet of paper next to me so I could write down my favorite quotes to remember later. (My favorite was “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of human life” – Nick Carraway, chapter 2)

    I love the books that remind you of your youth! I had a Peanuts anthology collection that was really similar to the one in the picture, and when I was a kid, my dad and I would spend hours reading it. I was also obsessed with Shel Silverstein in elementary school—I committed several of his poems to memory, and I think I actually still have some of them memorized! It’s funny how the same books can remind two people of totally different childhoods but still evoke the same happy feelings.

    Sorry for this long comment, I just wanted to say I really love this!

    • I love this comment so much! I used to write down my favorite passages from books, too — and I love the Gatsby one you included here. That’s an amazing sentence. And of course I’m 100% with you on Peanuts and Shel. It was fun to read Shel Silverstein to my kids, too. I memorized many of the poems and could recite them anytime. : )

  2. I would like to have a poster of this in my classroom. Do you do that? I want to make sure the artist (you) gets full payment and credit but this would be perfect!!

  3. This is lovely! How helpful of you to remind us that having multiple stacks of books in progress is entirely normal for book lovers. Every other panel strikes a chord, too. Would it be possible to purchase a few copies/posters of your cartoon? I would love to display it at the beloved little local library in Bath County, Virginia, where I work and volunteer, and would like to live, of course. I’d also like to frame it and give it as a gift to our head librarian, who is missing the library mightily as she fights a serious illness. We are all looking for ways to bring cheer into her life. “Things Book Lovers Do” has brightened my day ever so much. Thank you! (One addition: Book lovers always take at least 7 books on vacation with them.)

  4. I’m new to your comics and loving them! This one about book lovers is spot on. The picture at the end with the old book covers is a nice touch. The Sweet Valley High book cover brought back so many memories. I read so, so many of those books when I was in middle school, including “Double Love.” Thanks for sharing your wonderful comics!

  5. My husband is always asking me why I’m laughing so hard when I read your cartoons. Seriously, laughing till it hurts. In fact, after the horrific mass shooting that happened in my wonderful city two weeks ago (El Paso, Texas), I went to read your cartoons because I just didn’t want to cry anymore, so thank you for helping me laugh. (I already sent you an email). God bless you!

  6. Adrienne, I am a retired teacher and gave my own library at home. I am interested in a poster of this great cartoon, too. Any way to make it available?
    Thank you!!

  7. Adrienne, I am a retired teacher and have my own library at home. I am interested in a poster of this great cartoon, too. Any way to make it available?
    Thank you!!

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